FG16OR16 (CE)

Power cables, HEPR insulated (G16), PVC sheathed (R16), with special requirements of reaction to fire performance according to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) UE 305/11

Multicore cables with flexble conductors for fixed installation Rated voltages U0 /U 0,6/1 KV

Class of reaction to the performance: Cca-s3-d1-a3

Approval certificate IMQ CA01.00719

Compliant with the requirements of the BT 2014/35/UE directives

Reference rules

CEI 20-13:2011 rubber insulated cables with rater voltages between 1 Kv and 30 Kv

CEI EN 50575:2014 + 50575/A1:2016 power cables

Cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements

CEI EN 60228 CEI 20-29 IEC 228 conductor of isolated cables

CEI EN 50363 CEI 20-11/0-1;V1 physical characteristic

CEI EN 50399 common test methods for cables under fire conditions

CEI EN 60332-1-2 test for resistance to vertical flame propagation for a single insulated conductor or cable

CEI EN 60754-2 tests on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables

Determination of acidity (by pH measurement)

CEI UNEL 00722 identification of cores in cables

CEI UNEL 35318 power cables 06/1 Kv

CEI UNEL 35016 class of reaction to fire of the cables in relation to the EU “Construction Products Regulations” (305/2011)

Electric characteristics

Nominal voltage Uo / U 06/1 Kv

Testing voltage 4000 V.

Max. working temperature 90°C

Max. short circuit temperature 250°C

Installation conditions

Cable for fixed installation

Bending radius minimum

6 times outer diameter of cable

Tensile stress 15N for mm2 of copper cross section

Min. laying temperature 0°C

Low voltage

Power Cables

FG16OR16 06/1 Kv

Core identification

Sheath color

Grey RAL 7035


Red Cavi spa FG16OR16 0,6/1 Kv (n. of conductors of rated cross section)

Cca-s3-d1-a3 IEMMEQU EFP