H05VVH6-F CEI EN 50214 (CE)

Flexible cables for lifts with telecommunication units, restraining fire propagation.

Sheath colour BLACK

Reference rules

CEI 20-29 CEI EN 60228

IEC 228 conductor of isolated cables

CEI EN 50525-1 HD 21 IEC 227-1 PVC isolated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V.

CEI EN 50363 CEI 20-11 physical characteristic

CEI EN 50214:2007 HD 359 S2 flat PVC sheathed flexble cables

CEI EN 60332-1-1 CEI 20-35 test for resistance to vertical flame propagation for a single cable

CEI UNEL 00725 marking of cores electric cables

Electric characteristics

Nominal voltage Uo / U 300/500 V.

Testing voltage 2000 V.

Working temperature -5°C +70°C

Max short circuit temperature 150°C

Installation conditions

Cable for mobile specific laying

Free suspension lenght max 35 mt.

Running speed 1,6 mt./sec.

Bending radius minimum 30 times thickness of cable

Tensile stress 15N for mm2 of copper cross section

Operating temperature 0°C

exclusive distributor Vemas Lift

Data sheet