S05VVD7-F CEI 20-22 II (CE)

Multiconductor cable self-supporting for push-button panel, overhead travelling cranes, restraining fire propagation and with reduced emission of corrosive gases

Sheath colour BLEU

Reference rules

CEI 20-29 CEI EN 60228

IEC 228 conductor of isolated cables

CEI 50525 HD 21 IEC 227-1 PVC isolated cables of rated voltages up to and including 300/500 V.

CEI EN 50363-CEI 20-11 physical characteristic

CEI 20-22 II fire propagation

CEI UNEL 00725 marking of cores electric cables

CEI EN 50267-2-1 test on gases evolved during combustion of electric cables and their compounds

Electric characteristics

Nominal voltage Uo / U 300/500 V.

Testing voltage 2000 V.

Temperature -5° +70°

Max short circuit temperature 160°

Installation conditions

Cable for mobile specific laying

Free suspension lenght max 20 mt.

Bending radius minimum 10 times thickness of cable

Tensile stress 15N for mm2 of copper cross section

Operating temperature 0°