Our company was founded in 1958 in Vimodrone, a town close to Milan.

It is still a family company, but over time we have significantly increased our size, now occupying an area of 12.000 square meters. We can compete in a constantly evolving global market dominated by the big multinationals, thanks to continuous investments that have allowed us to become a flexible and dynamic company able to satisfy even the most demanding customers' requests.

We are proud of it because it makes us different from competitors, we are able to adapt our production to the needs of a market that is no longer static, where the prompt reaction to change has become fundamental. It can happen that is necessary to change a job / order even after having already started production, to often request particular strict delivery times, minimum quantities different from standard ones or urgencies in usually congested periods. It has never been a problem for us, rather it allows us to continually demonstrate how close we are to our customers, and how much our organization can meet their needs, without having to give up a high degree of reliability and quality of the product. 

Since 1998 we follow a quality management system with procedures that foresee continuous training, precise tasks and fixed objectives for each of our employees.

In addition, we have equipped ourselves with a technical laboratory with latest-generation measuring instruments that can verify the conformity of the product after each stage of the production process.

Over the last few years, we have decided to focus on that market segment which includes BT cables, harmonized and special flat cables for elevators and bridge cranes. Today we are proud to say that Red Cavi can be considered the ideal partner for any operator, whether it is a distributor, wholesaler, company or installer.
Red Cavi is able to produce a wide range of electric cables and through a policy of continuous investments guarantees customers a constant improvement of products and services.

Productive cycle